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Bridget and Jake Malagisi


Jake and I have been married for 23 years.  We have three children that are growing faster than we ever imagined.   We have always had a love for hiking, fishing, boating, and everything outdoors. We also have a love of decorating, remodeling, and designing. We renovated our first home when we were 24.

 We discovered Newcomb on a whim and then Covid hit. We found 24 Spring Street an decided that since we had to be home, we would have time to renovate this home and enjoy all that Newcomb had to offer.  Over the past 12 months, we have worked as a family to get this home totally renovated.  Throughout those 12 months, we have discovered and total fell in love with all of the things Newcomb has to offer.  This includes a love for the winter that I never in my life thought I would have. It's absolutely beautiful here in the winter. Now we have decided to open up 24 Spring Street to others in hopes of giving them an opportunity to enjoy all the beauty and peace that Newcomb has to offer.  We even discovered that the people in Newcomb are simply the nicest people ever!!

The Bridge at the Santinoni


For a small town, there is so much to do here and to enjoy.  Click here to go to Newcombs Website. 

Some things that Newcomb has to offer:

  • Harris Lake

  • Fishing

  • Harris Lake beach and Boat Launch

  • Ecological Center ESF Interpretive Center

  • Overlook Park Gorgeous views of the high peaks

  • Santanoni Preserve

  • Golf Course

  • The best Snowmobiling around

  • Skiing You can learn to ski at Newcombs own ski hill on the T bar or enjoy Skiing at GORE mountain only 30 min away!

  • Free resident car parking

  • Free high-speed internet

  • Free Wifi access

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